Best of Kyield Blog Index

Ratings are a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being highest based on my perception of value, influenced in part by private discussions and feedback with intended readership in cases when and where I can qualify the reader.


A Million in Prevention can be Worth a Billion in Cure with Distributed AI Systems

Sponsored Feature at Cognitive World
4.26.17    5


Why the U.S. Must Lead the World with Intelligent Infrastructure

Featured by LinkedIn Editors for Economy, Law & Government, US Politics
4.09.17    5



Ascension to a Higher Level of Performance (e-book)

Selections from a multi-year e-book   5



We must empower a more diversified economy in 2016

12.20.15   5


Why go to the Moon when what your company really needs is in the Rockies? (AI, Watson, Kyield)

 12.06.15   5


Revolution in IT-Enabled Competitiveness

 10.26.15   5


Discover Kyield on the voyage to CALO (continuously adaptive learning organization)

 3.20.15   5


Recent trends in artificial intelligence algorithms

 3.06.15 (originally published at Computerworld) 5


Applied artificial intelligence: Mythological to neuroanatomical

 2.24.15  (originally published at Computerworld5   



Plausible Scenarios For Artificial Intelligence in Preventing Catastrophes

 12.23.14   5


Complex Dynamics at the Confluence of Human and Artificial Intelligence

5.30.14      Fear of AI vs. the Ethic and Art of Creative Destruction (featured at Wired)    5


Transparency in IT: Why we published the Kyield Enterprise Investment Guide and Price List

5.08.14      Price transparency, interoperability, TCO  & ROI    4



Book Review: “Artificial Cognitive Architectures”

12.17.13   5


Workplace Analytics in the Neural Network Economy

7.19.13   3



Converting the Enterprise to An Adaptive Neural Network

 7.11.12   5


Five Essential Steps For Strategic Enterprise Computing

6.12.12   5

The Legacy of the Tōhoku Earthquake is Clear: A Moral Imperative to Prevent the Next Fukushima Crisis

3.11.12      Combination of technical, organizational and economic issues    5


What’s Wrong With the Neural Network? Lack of Data Structure that Enables Governance

1.31.12      Combination of technical and economic issues    4




Strategic IT Alignment in 2012: Leverage Semantics and Avoid the Caretaker

12.30.11  Software business modeling, technical standards, semantics, Kyield    4


Historians will view 2012 as the inflection point for the semantic enterprise

12.10.11   Brief technical with diagram    4


The Perils of Partnering in Enterprise IT – A Sad, True Tale  

10.20.11   Business/Organizational Management  4


Book Review: What’s Holding You Back? — By Robert J. Herbold

10.9.11   Business/Organizational Management  4


From the trenches: on tech analysts and software patents 

8.28.11   3


Clarifying Disruption: Operations vs. Innovation 

7.25.11   Business   3


On Her 235th Birthday, America Desperately Needs Lean, Open, and Secure Governance 

7.4.11   Economics   3

Too Big to Fail or Too Primitive to Succeed?

6.25.11    Economics   3


Is the customer’s customer a tipping point for enterprise IT?

6.2.11   Economics   3


Overcoming the Enterprise Differentiality Paradox 

5.13.11   Technical   4


Data Integrity: The Cornerstone for BI in the Decision Process

4.5.11   Technical    4


Clever is Cute as Sustainable is Wise

3.10.11   Business/Organizational Management   3




Regulatory Failure on the Web; Consequences and Solutions

11.17.10   Technical/Economics   4


Large scale job growth requires new ecosystems

10.2.10   Economics   4


The Enterprise Needs a New Marketing Wheel

9.18.10    Business/Organizational Management   4


Myths and Truths about Innovation

9.16.10    Business/Organizational Management   3


Save the Web: vote with currency, not clicks

9.10.10   Economics   3


Realizing the theory: Yield Management of Knowledge

8.31.10   Background on Kyield   4


Complex Adaptive Healthcare

8.19.10   Healthcare/Technical/Complexity   5


Clear Choice: Semantic Structure or Systemic Crises

6.10.10  Technical/Economics/Organizational Management   4


Russell E. Borland: A partner, mentor, and friend

6.1.10   Tribute to an old friend and partner of Kyield   5


Diabetes and the American Healthcare System

5.18.10   Healthcare/Economics/Organizational Management/Policy   5


Hidden costs of complexity in the enterprise

4.7.10    Technical/Business   5


Systemic failures, by design

1.18.10    Technical/Business/Economics/Organizational Management   3




Preventing the next Fort Hood tragedy, by design

11.23.09   Technical/Organizational Management   4



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