Vice Admiral Phil Wisecup (Ret.) USN Appointed to Kyield Board of Directors

wisecup-phil-2017 (1)

It is truly an honor to share our recent announcement and welcome Vice Admiral Phil Wisecup USN (Ret.) to our board of directors. Phil joins Dr. Robert Neilson who is now special advisor to the board. As their bios only partially reflect, Phil and Rob are exceptional additions to Kyield’s leadership.

Vice-Admiral James P. “Phil” Wisecup (Ret.) brings 40 years of extensive operational experience, strategic planning, advisory and research to Kyield. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1977.  In 2008 he became the 52nd President of the US Naval War College and left active duty in 2013 as the Inspector General of the US Navy having successfully completed 36 years of active service and three operational commands at sea, including the USS Ronald Reagan carrier strike group.  He was also Director of the White House situation room, served at NATO Headquarters during Kosovo operations, and in Seoul Korea as Commander of US Naval forces.   He is the recipient of the Bronze Star, as well as a variety of unit and personal awards, including the Cheonsu Medal from the President of the Republic of Korea for exceptional service.  He was awarded the Vice Admiral James Stockdale award for inspirational leadership, which is a peer award.  Phil has Masters Degrees from the University of Strasbourg France, and University of Southern California.

Phil recently completed three years as Director, Chief of Naval Operations Strategic Studies Group, where he received the Navy Superior Civilian Service Award for leading innovative research on future deployment patterns, Navy talent management, human/machine teaming and artificial intelligence.  

He is currently the Interim Vice Chancellor for Strategy and Strategic Engagement in the North Dakota University System in Bismarck, North Dakota (press release).

Mark Montgomery
Founder & CEO

About Mark Montgomery
I am a technologist, serial entrepreneur, business consultant, recovered VC, and inventor with interests that are both broad and deep across multiple disciplines, including organizational management, computing, communications, economics, sociology, science and nature, among others. For the past several years I have been founder and CEO of Kyield, which offers a distributed operating system for achieving optimal yield of executable knowledge across large data networks. The patented AI system core acts to unify networks with adaptive data tailored to each entity with continuous predictive analytics designed to significantly reduce ongoing costs while accelerating productivity, and generally make life more satisfying and productive for knowledge workers and their organizations. We provide popular free white papers, use case scenarios, and other information at .

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