Designing a prosperous cluster of synergy between tech, business

An article on our tech cluster project was published in the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper Saturday, June 18th, written by Nico Roesler. This is a complex topic that is challenging to communicate for veterans, particularly in a simple format for the general public, so we appreciate this effort by Nico, Jane and the Santa Fe New Mexican. In the photo next to me is Pat Medvick, who is a long-term resident of the region, working as a computer scientist and software development leader at LANL for many years, then working at PNNL before returning to N NM where she was recently involved with a large data project based in the region, and teaching advanced programming at a local college.  Pat and I met a few months ago at a local software developer’s meet-up, along with many others, thanks to the efforts of Eric Renz-Whitmore at the NM Tech Council. – MM

About Mark Montgomery
I am a technologist, serial entrepreneur, business consultant, recovered VC, and inventor with interests that are both broad and deep across multiple disciplines, including organizational management, computing, communications, economics, sociology, science and nature, among others. For the past several years I have been founder and CEO of Kyield, which offers a distributed operating system for achieving optimal yield of executable knowledge across large data networks. The patented AI system core acts to unify networks with adaptive data tailored to each entity with continuous predictive analytics designed to significantly reduce ongoing costs while accelerating productivity, and generally make life more satisfying and productive for knowledge workers and their organizations. We provide popular free white papers, use case scenarios, and other information at .

One Response to Designing a prosperous cluster of synergy between tech, business

  1. Betsy Ehrenberg says:

    We believe that “events and exhibits are the engine to economic development” in New Mexico. Our Northern New Mexico business atmosphere welcomes C-Level tourists but fails to excite them about relocating their enterprise to New Mexico. Can we explore this concept and crystallize a plan that will put some fuel into that engine? My name is Betsy Ehrenberg, I work at Bridges to Santa Fe, and our team is looking forward to meeting with Mark to discuss our plans.

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