HBR Debate: Revamping DARPA

Professor David Patterson from UC Berkeley enters the HBR debate on U.S. competitiveness: Revamping DARPA is vital to Preserving the U.S. Lead in IT.

My comment on the blog:


I appreciate your frustration, having heard much the same from many.

However, I would suggest that we have larger issues at work here than just failed tweaking of the DARPA model.

Our economy is suffering not from insufficient centralization, but rather lack of diversity. While I am one that agrees that DARPA can and should play an important role, it is a very minor issue in the grand scheme of things.

What we need is an entirely new research model that is less dependent upon DoD funding, and frankly less dependent upon universities and federal labs. Many if not most of the essential innovations that can benefit society I see on the horizon would be best served by smaller independent labs free from institutional conflicts.

The world has changed dramatically since DARPA was envisioned. Given the systemic failure all around us, we should be debating the fundamentals of the systems, and designing all new models tailored to the current environment.

Mark Montgomery
Founder & CEO


About Mark Montgomery
I am a technologist, serial entrepreneur, business consultant, recovered VC, and inventor with interests that are both broad and deep across multiple disciplines, including organizational management, computing, communications, economics, sociology, science and nature, among others. For the past several years I have been founder and CEO of Kyield, which offers a distributed operating system for achieving optimal yield of executable knowledge across large data networks. The patented AI system core acts to unify networks with adaptive data tailored to each entity with continuous predictive analytics designed to significantly reduce ongoing costs while accelerating productivity, and generally make life more satisfying and productive for knowledge workers and their organizations. We provide popular free white papers, use case scenarios, and other information at http://www.kyield.com .

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